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Rwanda is a small country situated in Central Africa. After civil war devastated the county in 1994, the coffee sector played a big part in rebuilding the county and its economy.

Today coffee from Rwanda is one of most highly prized coffees coming from the region. With many washing stations contributing to thriving communities the effects from the coffee trade expand beyond the world of specialty coffee.

Sholi Cooperative
Our natural processed bean comes from the Sholi Cooperative. Sholi stands for mutual assistance. The coop started in 2008 in the center of Rwanda and has thrived emphasizing collaboration to enhance both coffee production and community well-being. Originally formed by a women’s association called “Kundwa,” (love) the cooperative has over one-third women members. 

Addressing the community’s health needs, Sholi secured a grant in 2016 to build a health center, complemented by a community center. The health facility now includes a pharmacy, first aid, family planning, disease treatment and childrens malnutrition prevention. Besides the health facility the cooperation started an initiative focused on young single mothers. Giving them a collective coffee field and teaching them financial skills like saving and investing.  

Sholi selects and identifies the highest-quality cherries that arrive at the central washing station. The cherries are sorted again, floated, and moved to the drying tables. After three or four days, they cover the dried cherries for 24-30 hours to develop the flavor. The cherries are monitored and continue to dry up to 30-35 days depending on the weather.

The cooperative achieved Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certifications.

Origin: Rwanda, Muhanga District, Southern Province
Producer: Sholi Cooperative
Varieties: Bourbon
Process: Anearobic Natural, sun dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1,800-2,000 masl

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