Ethiopia – Natural Process


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This delicate and sweet coffee comes from the  Oromia region of Ethiopia. The seeds are harvested and processed at a private washing station in Guracho Town and exported by Sibu Coffee. This is an inspiring organization that not only focuses on coffee export but also invests heavily into the school system in the community by restoring the school building, providing school supplies and restoring a latrine with fresh water access.  Despite being (relatively) close to the Yirgacheffe region, the coffee coming from Guracho is surprisingly diverse in taste. The labor-intensive drying and cherry sorting practices, result in more distinct fruit flavors with complex acidity and perfumed aromatics.

Tasting Notes: Citrus, blueberry, butterscotch, sweet pastry.

Origin: Ethiopia, Guji Zone, Kercha District
Producer: Guracho Washing Station
Varieties: Typica
Process: Natural process, sun dried on raised beds & handsorted
Altitude: 1900-2100 masl

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